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Raji Tribe has confined themselves to Pithoragarh district.

Raji Tribe has confined themselves to Pithoragarh district. The villages inhabited by them are Jamtadi, Altadi, Kuttakanyal, Madanpuri, Kimkhola, Bhaktirawa, Ganagaon, Ciphalthara and Khirdwari. They are of the non Aryan affinity. Other common names for them are Banrawats, Ban-Manus and Cave dwellers. Like several other tribes, these Raji tribes have got addiction towards all types of alcohols. Apart from this, the Raji tribes have also developed tastes for several `wild fruits` and `tree roots`. The way these Raji tribes use to deck up is unique thereby enhancing their beauty to some extent.

Exquisite jewelleries that these Raji females wear also are quite large and heavy. However, as a recent phenomenon, few of these Raji tribes dress in the similar fashion like that of a people belong to a non tribal community. Artistic fervor of these Raji tribes is nicely depicted in various art forms. For children beautiful handbags are prepared which have demand in the local markets as well as that of the whole of the country.

Occupation of Raji Tribe
Most of these Raji tribes have built their settlements in the interior regions of the forests. It is only natural that these Raji tribes have taken up the profession of gatherers. Instances are found where one can see many of these tribes collect honey from the bee hives. In the present world they have resorted to agriculture and labour. However their dependence on forest produce has not ceased completely. They grow cereal crops. They also do fishing and hunting. They are also known for making agricultural tools. Position of women in Raji tribal community is held high.

Society of Raji Tribe
Rajis do not marry amongst themselves. No child marriage takes place amongst them. Widow Remarriage and divorce are not common among them. They have a patriarchal and patrilineal system. The oldest man is the head of the family. These Raji tribes converse with each and other in a language of the same name. They follow Hinduism. They also worship Hindu deities, Bhagvati, Nanda Devi. They also worship all aspects of Nature. They are considered as the most primitive tribe of Uttar Pradesh.
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