About Us

WE, pride ourselves as the pioneer of such an exclusive monthly magazine which caters to different schools, colleges, universities, organizations & NGOs across the state of Uttarakhand. Our goal is to promote the essence of Uttarakhand, to promote its beauty, tourism, hospitality, education, employment opportunities, talents from various fields and providing them an unsurpassed platform for showcasing their talents to the public at large.

We not only cover the talents but also aim at featuring their write ups, literary skills which are paramount, apart from covering their achievements. We firmly believe that talent which is timely drawn out, rightly understood, well developed and properly planted, produces a much larger and stronger tree of success than an unexplored, scattered talent, uncared for.

Apt guidance and counseling at the right time is essential too, thus, through our publication, we also lay emphasis on apt students counseling and career guidance. With the vision that greater confidence, empowers bigger goals and helps in shaping up the right alleyway, students need such a podium where they can put forward their lexes and also make the public know about their achievements.

Thus, “UTTARAKHAND HERITAGE” &minus the essence of Uttarakhand, serves manifold in encouraging people to explore Uttarakhand and the talented people of the state no matter if they are students, teachers, researchers, doctors, businessmen or an entrepreneur or any Government organizations. We aim at motivating them in bringing out their best by featuring their attainments in different dimensions, hence making our Uttarakhand proud.